Planning Policy Guide

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  Thursday, 06-Mar-2008

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Planning Policy Guide


Sevenoaks Public Access for Planning

Public Access for Planning is Sevenoaks District Council's on-line internet service that provides details of current planning applications. You can follow the progress of an application, make a comment, search a weekly list of applications and decisions, view historic applications and view property details including maps.

Please note: this service is being developed and some features are incomplete at the present time:
  • Planning constraint information is currently not available via Public Access for Planning. Where you see the phrase "No constraints are associated with this property" contact Planning Customer Services on 01732 227411 for details of possible constraints.
  • Details of previous planning applications currently exist back from April 1999. The Council is committed to providing further enhancements over the coming months as use of this important source of information increases.
  • The planning application details contained on this site are updated on a continuous basis.

    If you would like further information about a current application or proposal, please contact the Planning Case Officer via the comments box. Alternatively, contact Planning Customer Services on 01732 227411 or e-mail

    PLEASE NOTE: To search using a reference number do not include 'SE' prefix

    See also Sevenoaks District Council Public Access

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