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  Thursday, 06-Mar-2008

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Planning Policy Guide


How wide is a Public Right of Way?

Where a width is recorded in the Definitive Map Statement that is the width of the Public Right of Way.

In the event that the width is not recorded in the Definitive Map Statement the width is that which is defined on the ground by fences hedges or other boundaries.

In the case that Public Rights of Way run beside or across field in which crops other than grass are grown the following widths apply:

Field edge footpath1.5 metres1.8 metres
Cross field footpath1.0 metre1.8 metres
Field edge bridleway3.0 metres3.0 metres
Cross field bridleway2.0 metres3.0 metres
Other unsurfaced highway3.0 metres5.0 metres

In the event that neither of the above apply it is the width sufficient for two users to pass. (On a, footpath two pedestrians, on a bridleway two equestrians.)

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