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Planning Policy Guide


High Hedges

High Hedge legislation is contained within Part 8 of the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003.

Where a high hedge is a problem, and the owners have shown themselves reluctant to have the hedge cut, affected neighbours will be able to bring their complaints to the Council as a last resort. The definition of a high hedge is:

  • A line of 2 or more evergreen or semi evergreen trees or shrubs.

  • It must exceed 2 metres in height.

  • It must act as a barrier to light or access.

  • The height adversely affects the complainant's reasonable enjoyment of their domestic property.

Every attempt should be made to resolve the matter prior to involving the Council. A fee (yet to be determined) will be payable to the Council by a complainant and if the hedge is considered to be a problem a "remedial notice" can be issued. The Local Authority would also have' powers to have the work carried out with the costs recoverableJrom the owner. There will be a right of appeal for both owner and complainant. Failure to comply with a notice would be an offence carrying a maximum fine of £1000.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) has produced two leaflets on High Hedges legislation - 'High Hedges­Complaining to the Councii' and 'Over the Garden Hedge:These are available from ODPM by telephoning 0870 1226 236

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