Planning Policy Guide

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  Thursday, 06-Mar-2008

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Planning Policy Guide


Comment on an Appeal online

You can comment on an appeal through the Planning Casework Service - provided that the final part of the appeal reference (excluding any WF or NWF suffix) starts with '2' and the appeal is in England. You will first need to find the appeal case that you are interested in, using the search facility.

Once you have found the case, you can view a summary of the case. At the bottom of the summary is a link to our Documents page for the appeal. We are sorry that we are not currently publishing documents for appeals, but they can be viewed at the offices of the relevant council dealing with the appeal, and sometimes, the council may also have published them on their own website.

At the bottom of the Documents page, there is a link to the facility to submit comments on the case. Please note the deadline for comments on the case before submitting them.

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