Planning Policy Guide

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  Thursday, 06-Mar-2008

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Planning Policy Guide


Tree Preservation Orders - TPOs

Tree Preservation Orders - TPOs - are, normally, only applied to trees that are at risk from felling or damage.

This legislation is administered by local planning authorities. This would be a District, Borough or Unitary authority.

Unauthorised tree works may result in legal proceedings leading to substantial fines or twice the sum of the value of the tree.

The usual sequence of events starts when residents suspect that a tree or a group of trees in under imminent threat of felling, inappropriate prunning or damage. They notify the Arboricultural and Landscape Officer at the local council. The Arboricultural and Landscape Officer investigates and if it is felt that tree or trees are possibly worthy of preserving, a temporary Tree Preservation Order is issued. This temproary TPO will have a time limit on it. This time limit will be up to six months. Near the end of this time limit, the TPO will be reviewed. If it is still felt the tree is under threat and it is worth preserving, the TPO will be confirmed. This TPO will normally last for the life of the tree. If it is felt the tree is not under threat or not worth preserving, the temporary TPO will be allowed to lapse and the tree will no longer be protected.

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